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Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

I have no idea where to start and how to come off as nice and not as a bitch. I will try and restrain from completely trashing this story. According to some reviews it is good, however this book was definitely not for me.

Avoiding Commitment is the story of Jack and Alexa. Told in differing years (past and present) with a third person perspective it tells the story of the two young lovers who never really had a normal relationship. As it says in 100 moments in the book "they were never really together together." The status of their relationship was usually brought up when they were with other people, meaning they always cheated on their significant others with each other. However, two years after Lexi is left in New York heartbroken by Jack she gets a phone call. Jack calls her wanting Lexi to come to Alabama and convince the girl he is going to marry that he is worth it. She comes to Alabama to get "closure."

Before I start of by saying how much I hated this book I will say the author writes very elegantly. The writing was never a problem it was actually the characters and the whole plot. I think I would give another book of the same author a try because she does write really well.

Now, for the bad part.

I have read a ton of books about unnatural and toxic relationships. The difference is that I always love the characters and they always tend to be good for each other. I despised both Jack and Alexa. Alexa is so stupid and has NO self-respect. Jack is a cheater, a liar, a player. I got so sick and tired of reading the same "I couldn't control myself" or something a long those lines with this couple. Literally the same line or something a long those lines is said 14 times in the story. I WAS FED UP WITH THIS EXCUSE. I also thought Alexa was a whore. She played with Ramsey, with Clarke, with Jack, with the first guy whose name I do not remember. Jack is also a man whore who played with Danielle, Kate, Alexa, and her fiancee Bekah. I mean seriously the story is just so messed up.

I found the story to be childish. The part where Bekah is calling all of Jack's exes is extremely immature and stupid. Also the part where Bekah is calling Alexa out for being stupid and how she is never going to be with Jack is also so childish. I literally thought I was reading a book set in high school during those scenes.

Now, the third person narrative. I didn't like that either. I read that for many people that seemed to be something they enjoyed from this book, I totally did not. It just made me hate the characters even more. Maybe if I was actually inside Alexa's or Jack's mind then I would get a sense of respect from both of them, something I never got.

In conclusion, this book is not for me. I hated it. I hated all the characters. The only character I like was Chyna and only the times she said things like this:

“That’s better than wasting a life on someone who will always choose the other girl over you. I’d rather be in control, using them rather than have them use me, because that’s all he’s doing. He’s using you, and when he’s done, he’ll throw you out with the trash like he always has,”

She is the only one with her head in the right place. OHHH! And the best part, Alexa faints after this. WHAT? She faints just because her friend is telling her the truth?

God I just can't. It was bad, do not waste your time.

---1 star---