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F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

"To fall in love with a boy is one thing, but to fall in love with your best friend’s boy because of a dream is … well, I’m fucked."

I was completely irrevocably blown away with Tarryn Fisher's writing. I spent the entirety of the novel with tears in my eyes and goosebumps in my skin. There is no way an author can speak so clearly and directly into your heat and soul. This novel will go down as one of my favorite love stories in my lifetime. It was brilliantly crafted, it was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster and I had missed the feeling one gets when they finally read a book that speaks directly to your persona.

Helena Conway, our heroine, gets a glimpse of how her life would be with her best friend's boyfriend Kit Isley on a dream. A dream where they were married with two children and she was an artist. A life that seemed so far away to her. However, that dream changed everything. For she started seeing glimpses of the life she wanted and therefore wanted to change falling in love with Kit a long the way. Both falling in love desperately with each other, however there are many people and events that get in their way for them to be together.

There are very few words to describe how magical this book is. Helena is so funny, awkward and reliable. She is not too perfect like most heroines tend to be. She has problems, she is human. I have never felt so related to the female main character as I have to Helena. I felt her fears, her desires, her heartbreak.

"Life is but a carousel of four seasons. Unpredictable for the most part. Happy. Unhappy. Content. Searching. Mess up the order, and they still rebound at one point or another. I’ve learned that revolution can be inward or outward. A move across the country to gain perspective. A change of heart and mind to gain sanity. But the point is to revolt when the season changes. If only to quench your thirst, revolt."

I have no words to describe Kit. He was perfect in everyday. He was a writer and I fell in love with him deeply. Many reviewers argue that he played with Helena, however I disagree. I have never like books where their is cheating involved however in this book it is so innocently written that it just hooked me right in.

The cheating part was also aided due to the fact that Helena's friend was a total bitch. I hated her, I despised her with all my life. I have never hated a sub character so much as I hate her. Since the beginning I believe she was a snob and a woman who is not able to stand on her own.

I also adored that the book is not only about the love between Helena and Kit. Truth be told, there are many chapters where their relationship isn't even talked about. A lot of the story narrates Helena's growth as a woman and her discovery of herself. She is traveling and falling in and out of love trying to become the person she wants to become. The novel left me with so many thoughts in my mind that I do not want to read a book right now for it to actually sink in.

I recommend this book 100%. Fisher is a majestical writer, you will fall right in believing the words are written for you and only you.

--- 5 stars---