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Endless by Amanda Grey

"It doesn't matter. Wherever they send you, whatever happens, I will find you. I will always find you."

First of all the cover, the cover, the cover. The cover is mesmerizing and beautiful. I must admit that I solely read this book because of the cover. With that being said, unfortunately for me the story inside the cover is not as good as the cover itself.

The plot and the characters are interesting, fun to read but the story didn't just blow my mind or captivate me in any way. I have no idea why.

Nikolai has travelled through space and time quite literally to find his soulmate Maria, who in this world is actually called Jenny. Jenny's past puts her in Russia during the assassination of the Romanov family whom she was indeed an integrant of. She was murdered and due to the trauma she still remembers her past life. There is also Ben who used to be Sergei. The three are now stuck in the present with some kind of destiny they must solve. The story involves Jenny's mother and her involvement with a group called The Order. Obviously the good guys and usually the bad guys.

The ending left me angry. There is no closure of any issue. Nikolai goes underground and cannot be with Jenny until they find a safe way to keep him in the present. However, he just leaves and the reader has no way of knowing if he was safe or they killed him or if he and Jenny ever get back together.

I am not sure what to think of Ben. He was kind of a third wheel and was never sure if he was in love with Jenny or not. The best friend is kind of random. Nikolai is hot but he didn't make me adore him for some reason.

I did find the story to be really unique and I do recommend it I am not sure why I didn't love it, like I usually love these types of stories.

---3 stars---