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Elusion by Claudia Gabel

Welcome to Elusion...

A land of rising technology, high pollutants in the air and the new program Elusion. Elusion is an app that has the ability to take your subconscious mind into another world. From prairies to space, Elusion is just the beginning to what the powerful company Orexis can do to change the world.

Enter Reagan. Her father was the inventor of Elusion, however his death marked a change of presidency. Reagan's best friend Patrick becomes the face and heir to Orexis and also conducts many of the programs inside Elusion. However, Elusion appears to be proving to be addicting. Therefore, Reagan embarks in a journey trying to find out who is telling the truth? Is it Patrick, the most suitable bachelor of Detroit, the golden boy and her best friend or is it Josh, the handsome, dark and brooding soldier who appears to be questioning everything Reagan was taught to believe.

"To be awake is to be alive"

On first thought I really thought I was going to dislike this book. I didn't want to read a dystopia, but after thinking it through I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. I read some of the reviews and most 1 star read criticize this things about the book:

-the insta love between Reagan and Josh: yes, it is instalove you've been warned. However, I still enjoyed their romance. It wasn't overpowering as much of the reviews say and I still think you are able to see the story developing.

-there is no background story: YES YES YES! I do 100% agree with this. There are terms I have no idea what they mean because they are never explained like Florapetro... They also say how the world is totally in ruins. But like would you care to explain why ? It wouldn't have taken a lot of time or effort to invent a background story about this world.

-the love triangle between Patrick, Josh, and Reagan: I am actually thankful about this love triangle because it never reaches the level of actually being a love triangle. Patrick is always friend-zoned and Josh is always the love interest. The line crosses once or twice but the main characters choice is always clear.

I didn't adore Reagan but I also didn't have a problem with her. I honestly spent the whole book dying to know what all the messages and the codes meant. I really enjoyed and liked it. I, however, didn't like how the ending was developed. The cliffhanger was really good, however there is a part of a monster that I didn't enjoy at all because I never understood what was occurring.

The story could have been better but it also wasn't extremely bad. I really liked the idea and the plot and for that reason giving it this rating.

--- 4 stars ---