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The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdie

The Wrath and The Dawn is the peculiar and intriguing story of Shahzi and Khalid. Inspired by A Thousand and One Nights, this tale tells the story of a boy-king who has to murder his wives at dawn. After the murder of her best friend, Shahzi seeks out to kill the King by volunteering to be his wife. However, they never believed they would fall in love with each other. As secrets arise, Shahzi starts to wonder if the murderous boy king everyone hates is actually the man that stands by her every night. He wasn't supposed to fall in love, hence puts the whole city in danger as he opens his heart to the mysterious girl.

This story took me back to my childhood when I use to read Arabian Nights and A Thousand and One Nights. This book neatly polishes the story we all hear when children and creates into a more dark, romantic and intriguing story of love and treason.

I was enamored by the characters. Shazi is strong minded and skillful, yet what I liked about her was her genuine personality. As she starts falling in love she never denies it, she accepts it even though it means committing an act of treason against her family and against her first goal.Khalid is the guy you simply cannot stop reading about, every time he appeared it would evoke so many emotions in me. Their love for each other grew as the book progressed and it finished with an emotional plot twist.

The kind of existent/inexistent love triangle: So, I adored this because we don't actually see Shazi partaking in this love triangle. Before going to the castle she is in love, however as she meets her King the boy at home is forgotten. When he comes back, there seems no apparent fight within Shazi. Which is something I enjoyed because she didn't play Khalid. I was scared of how the conclusion would result in as soon as Tariq entered the picture again however the author did an amazing job in incorporating him and not loosing out on all Shazi and Khalid lovers like me.

The story is also magnificent because its sole plot is not on the love story, there is a whole lot of layers in it that make it so much intriguing. I also enjoy the way the story is told. It is told in a 3rd person narrative where one chapter can be from Shazi's perspective and then another could be narrating what is occurring in Tariq's home town. This way it made the story much more mysterious because the story would develop in both places at one to reach a climax almost at the end of the book.

Overall this book was great and one of my favorite reads of this year.


--- 5 stars ---