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Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

Twitter, social media, fandoms, celebrities, and murder are all part of this thrilling story told in tweets, direct messages, and some dialogue. Tessa is this story's protagonist, suffering from agoraphobia she cannot go outside. She lives secluded in the safety of her home and her phone. Opening a Twitter account she becomes one of Eric Thorn's obsessive fans. Eric, the story's celebrity, suffers highly from panic and his love for his fans has faded. He decided to troll Tessa, one of his most famous fans, by opening an alternative twitter account. Them too begin a different kind of relationship. Soon Eric finds himself falling in love and in need of meeting Tessa. However, the story takes a deadly turn and in all honesty nothing makes you expect the mysterious and thrilling ending that this book brings.

The book, in my opinion, was a bit frustrating in some aspects. However, I kept reading it out of intrigue. The last half of the book is excellently construed and by rating is given to those altering points of view and integration of police transcripts and twitter conversations. The book is made for our generation, the millennials, we understand the obsession Tessa feels as we may have been that girl once or twice. Tessa's life is in some what every girls dream turned into a nightmare. It is highly well told and relevant to today's society.

I am not sure if I liked Tessa as a character, I have no idea what occurred at the end of the book, but I root more for Eric. Tessa was too paranoid and in some ways that frustrated me. However, her problems are explained further on in the story allowing me to feel more empathy towards her and her problems. Eric makes you think about fame and the scrutiny of being a famous celebrity. The story makes you want for me desperately.

I received this book from the NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for this honest review.

--- 3 stars ---