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Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner

What would you do if one day you wake up having lost not one but all of your best friends? What would you do if you had to remember them as people that touched your life, yet people that are gone forever? What would you do if you killed them?

Carver Briggs, writer and only remaning member of the Sauce Squad, has to live with the guilt that his "Where are you guys" text ended the life of his three best friends. He starts a detoxifying journey of forgiving himself, however that proves to be hard due to his dead friends' families unable to forgive him and some desiring him to end up in jail.

One of his friends grandmothers decides to set up a day to say goodbye to his grandson inviting Carver with her and allowing him to gain the forgiveness he solely needs. This goodbye day makes the other families desire one too. Each goodbye day proves to be more heart breaking than the last. Apart from Carver's impending trail and set of goodbye days he sees himself falling in love with the only girl that was on his side through the whole ordeal. The problem? He is his dead friend's ex girlfriend. Carver seems to be in the center of this whole never ending list of problems.

The characters in this story were really easy to read and to understand. Tragedy and love mixed with guilt and regret make this story a good one time read. I didn't cry, but most people will as this story is heart breaking and full of sentiment. The people this book's filled with are understandable, even the ones we do not agree with have some good inside them waiting to come out. The story is one that will take you in a gut wrenching ride and leave you breathless and realizing how in one second everything can change.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this honest review.

--- 3 stars ---