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Whatever Life Throws at You by Julie Cross

"Sometimes you throw the heat. Sometimes you just feel it..."

Baseball, romance, and a bit of teenage angst? Yes, yes, yes. When I first bought this book (it was sitting in my bookshelf for a long time) I was not sure I was going to like it. It looked cute and in my mind it was going to be overly cliché. However, as Brody and Annie entered into my life I must say I liked this story.

Annie Lucas, a junior in High School, her father, and her grandmother leave her old, normal life to settle into an adventure into the cold city of Missouri. Her father, a once baseball player and a now retired leg amputee with many dreams and hope, returns to baseball as a coach. The new possible Rookie of the Year Brody is the guy that wants to be good due to his screw ups as a teenager. At 19 Brody is seen through the tabloids as a playboy and awesome player, however not many players in the team favor him and his new way of playing. Annie has an unsettling crush on Brody, and believes that it will never be reciprocated. Until it is and Annie enters a relationship behind her father's back. All this while Brody tries really hard to stay on his coaches good side and leave his past behind.

I was really surprise with how much I liked the book. With that being said, it is not a life changing book that will completely change the direction of your life. However, it is very enjoyable and sweet. My number 1 favorite thing of the book is that Brody is Hispanic. Never before have I seen a Hispanic main love interest thrown around in a young adult book. Being Hispanic, and seeing Brody speak to Annie in Spanish just did it for me.

"Eres la personas mas maravillosa que he conocido. Te amo, Annie"

Annie is the typical teenager unsure about herself and Brody's fans. Even though I usually hate this in books, Cross did a really good job at portraying a teenage girl truthfully. The story is very real and even though it may deter from reality at some point of another you can feel empathy towards the character, specially the young ones, because we have all been there. In love and insecure with our first love, unsure on how to go about our first serious boyfriend and sometimes even not sure if our parents should be mixed into our whole romantic life.

In conclusion I recommend this book if you are in need of a sweet dose of high school sweethearts and baseball.

--- 3 stars ---