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The Escape by Hannah Jayne

Two boys go for a hike on a normal afternoon. One of them is found beaten and bloody. One of them is not found. Is there a killer in the town? Is the killer inside one of the good ones?

The story is told in a third person narrative, narrating both Avery's perspective. Avery is the daughter of the chief police and the one that found Fletcher wounded in the woods. The story also narrates Fletcher's point of view and his inability to remember and grasp what occurred that night in the woods. With Avery being the daughter of the chief police I believed the story was going to take a more CSIsh kind of outlook. However, the story is stringed with a lot of rants from both characters especially Avery and Fletcher inability to remember.

There is a lot of bullying and finger pointing. Fletcher is being told he is the one that killed his friend Adam. However, 16 year old Avery goes into a hunt trying to show her only friend isn't a killer. Sadly (like I knew all along because it was bluntly obvious) Fletcher is the killer and he is actually suffering from a strong case of Schizophrenia. Even though he is the killer it can all be pinpointed to Fletcher's irresponsible mother who after Fletcher attacked her sister and was diagnosed with his mental illness, she does nothing to take care of him and the people around him. Therefore, the illness gets worse which allows him to eventually murder his best friend because "The voice" told him to.

I really thought the book was going to be so much more thrilling and exciting. The good thing is that it is short and the author writes well. Throughout the book it was obvious it had been Fletcher, because he was quite literally the only plausible explanation for the whole ordeal. I must say the narration when Fletcher is talking to the voices in the wood is really scary and I really just feel bad for him and for what he is going through.

Avery as our heroine was a really bad one. I tried to sympathize with her, but she seemed unrealistic and a very stubborn character. I didn't like the fact that she was so young, at only 16 I couldn't believe she was already trying to sneak into houses and trying to solve a murder.

Lastly, the ending was horrible. Not how it ended exactly which was just predictable. But literally the last sentences of the book were so unrealistic and unflattering that it made me desire to give the book a low rating. The book literally finishes in Avery's dad telling her good job for a murder she didn't commit she almost got her self killed trying. At the end of the day our hero does nothing and everybody is happy go lucky about how things ended.

--- 2 stars ---