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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

"The gods rule us still. They have come down from the starts. And they are no longer kind."

I had this book for quite some time in my bookshelf and due to my absolute knowledge that I was going to adore it and that the second book had not gone out I was scared of touching it. I can say I was absolutely right and I extremely adored this book. I adored the Selection, and the resemblance of both books was there and I just couldn't stop reading. Victoria Aveyard writes beautifully and takes us into a whirlwind of emotions and a rollercoaster of ideas.

Red Queen tells the story of Mare in a land where blood tells you what you are going to accomplish in life. The world is divided in two; the silver-blooded (the rich, the queen and queens) and the normal red-blooded peasants (the soldiers that die daily due to the silver's desire for war). Mare is set to be sent to war and her only wish is that her best friend does not go to war, however that changes and she soon steps up to try and find a way in which her family is safe and keep his friend alive. With a touch of luck and a mysterious stranger she lands a job to serve the King, a noble preposition that turns deadly. Soon after an altercation she is discovered to have powers, just like the Silvers the only problem? She bleeds red blood. The astonishment must be covered and the King marries her to one of his children; Maven. However, her eyes are set on Cal (the eldest and soon to be King) since their moment in the streets. Even though one might believe the story will be filled with a love triangle, romance is not the problem that this new princess finds herself in. Because some miles away a rebellion is starting, a rebellion she partakes in with her betrothed against all that her real lover Cal stands for. However, one thing she is always forgetting is the easiness in which people can stab her in the back while giving her a passionate kiss.

I have no words for this book expect exclaim how awesome it is and how I am dying to get my hands on the next and the next and the next book. Mare is an awesome heroine, I loved her sassiness and how real she is. She is not perfect, she is young and wants to save everyone and sometimes she cannot. I love the fact that she isn't all powerful and perfect and that she has everyone under her spell because she hasn't. She betrays and they betray her and that is what makes this book so real because it discusses choices that even though are exaggerated in the book are not so different as choices one must take in our lifetime as normal people.

“Rise, red as the dawn.” ...

The love story between Cal and Mare is beyond perfect because it never takes away from the main plot of the story. It actually is like the third plot of the whole story and I loved that because we get to love both characters and feel their undying love and attraction that cannot be, yet that love is not fully discovered. I do wish we get to see a resolved relationship in the books to come because I adored them.

However, I must say there are times I preferred Maven and that goes to show how perfectly the author writes that as soon starts becoming entrapped in Maven's lies we do too. I was heartbroken with the ending because I felt the betrayal right in my heart and my heart breaks for both Cal and Mare as the real evil plan starts enfolding between them.

The characters, the setting, the whole book and writing is amazing and if you haven't read it go put your hands on it right away.

--- 5 stars ---