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Meet Me at the River by Nina de Garmont

How can she let go, when she is all she has and the only constant she has ever had?

This sad story tells the story of Tressa, following the death of her boyfriend Luke. At the same time it tells the story in Luke's point of view and his inability to reach "the other side". After a tragic accident Tressa is left without the boy of her dreams and the boy she cannot live without. However, for some magical reason she can still see him. Even though their touch is senseless and he cannot hear when she talks about the future he is not in, he at leasts is there and they can talk about the past.

As Luke keeps coming back Tressa also has to deal with the fact that she almost tried to commit suicide and failed. Apart from Luke's death, she also has to deal with her flaky mother and her new pregnancy.

This story is slow, extremely slow. In all truth I do not think there is any part of the book that can be considered the climax because it just goes all on a recurrent resolution. There is no moment of excitement or fear or extreme heartbreak. With that being said, the whole book is an extreme heart break. I think this story was just really sad and really dark for me and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

I also didn't enjoy very much the fact that Luke was Francine and Paul's son and Tressa is Hannah and some dude's daughter and Hannah is Paul's former and current wife. Tressa and Luke share sisters because they were from Hannah and Paul's former relationship. WHAT? I know, that is how I felt trying to connect the dots of how they were related.

I understand how some people would like the slow pace and the good writing. However, this sad piece wasn't for me. I also simply didn't enjoy the characters and didn't feel connected at all to them and in order to feel sympathy or empathy one must connect and this lacked greatly for me. The writing is beautiful and I do give the writer props for that, but it is what it is. A melancholic lyric of a girl who is suffering from both her suicidal thoughts and the boy who cannot find it in his heart to leave his well and alive girlfriend.

-- 2 stars --