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Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

"I am a weapon made of flesh, a sword covered in skin. I was born to kill a king, to end a reign of terror before it can truly begin. Fire and lightning raised Maven up, and fire and lightning will bring him down."

The continuation of Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen trilogy stills maintain us extremely excited for what is to come and heartbroken at Mare's slow deterioration. In this installment Mare continues fighting with the rebel army trying to find new bloods to give them a fighting chance at Maven's growing army.

The book is great, the writing is amazing however I must say I liked the first one better. This one still gets five stars and is an amazing series, but the first one was more of a fast read for me than this one.

This one broke my heart a little too much. First of all, we get the story in Mare's sad point of view. Her negative thoughts on everyone, everything, specially herself made me want to jump into the book to slap her or hug her (I still do not know which). Her heart broke more and more as each page progressed and sometimes her sadness was too raw for me to read. Maybe that is why the book progressed more slowly than the first one. Her innocence was still intact in the Red Queen.

As for Cal and Mare, just please lets fast forward until the part you actually tell each other you are in love. PLEASE. For the sake of my brain and my heart. I felt it combusting every time they talked and I felt the "relationship" to be real in a messed up what are we doing kind of way. They both have suffered so much and the only constant they have is each other, specially their ability to let each other down. Which was another thing that saddened me greatly throughout the book.

"..love blinds."

When Cal goes on a rant calling out Mare and telling her all about how he knows about Maven's notes and how she is becoming a monster had me gripping the pages and praying my tears not to fall. It was just too much.

On another note. Shade is killed, which I did not expect, which extremely broke my heart. Queen Elara is also killed which I didn't understand when or how she was murdered.

Lastly, Mare gave herself in for Cal and Kilorn and all the rest of the squad. This I saw coming and in all honesty it was a good twist. I cannot wait to read the next one.

---- 5 stars ----