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King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard

“Not a god’s chosen, but a god’s cursed"

After being in a terrible reading slump, this book was the perfect one to get me out of it. The third installment of the Red Queen series did everything it could to blow me away completely and entirely. As I dry my tears of my now puffy face and collect my thoughts for a good ass review, all I can think is how Victoria Aveyard continues on meticulously writing a beautiful story.

Our favorite heroine comes back, this time entrapped in Maven's cage. The whole ordeal between her being stuck in this physical prison and at the same time an emotional one as Maven, the boy she once thought she loved, played with her feelings was extremely well written and powerful.

The whole tactful story is set in such a gripping and tasteful voice that makes the reader brush quickly through the pages.

Maven turns into a monster in front of our eyes, yet as Mare sometimes pities him, we see that love that could have existed. We see the boy ripped away from his brother, and we see his mother behind his cruel and evil behaviors. Unfortunately Maven has no way of appeasing us all, as he continues to ruin the lives of the people we adore in this book and continues to torture Mare for his obsession with her.

Before talking about the incredible change Aveyard made Mare have in this installment, I have to congratulate her for her outstanding job in molding Evangeline's character. Once a badass yet evil wannabe Queen, turned into one of my favorite characters in this book. As she becomes an uncommon ally infront of our eyes, as well as we get to see her true colors. We understand her love for her lover, and we grip with sadness as their love is not going to happen since 1 she cannot marry a girl and 2 she might possible marry Cal. Her gripping turn into a beautiful character and a strong female role left me speechless.

As for Mare, I have to say I was also really surprised. In the second book I was really started to think Aveyard was going to continue making her become this depressed and detached female role. However, in this one we see her understand that she NEEDS to open up and unfortunately her heart is devastatingly broken at the end of the book because of this.

Cal, Cal, Cal. One of my favorite characters by far. The brief yet powerful love moment between Cal and Mare are perfect and they are the exact amount to make the reader swoon yet not take away from the real plot of the story. The intertwined plots and stories, along with a little romance and lies on the side complete this masterpiece that left me in tears and in heart break as the last pieces of Mare's heart broke.

“To stand in front of a person who is your whole world and be told you are not enough. You are not the choice. You are a shadow to the person who is your sun.”

*****5 STARS*****