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White Fur by Jardine Libaire

White Fur is a story that took me completely by surprise. It left me astonished and in sync with my most deep and hidden emotions. If I had one word to describe the whole story, plot, and way it was written it would be raw. The story is not what I expected and many times I found myself wondering if I was mesmerized by the story, by the author or the characters.

“So much of life is about standing on the curb, willing to see what rolls up.”

I didn't completely adore this story, I don't think its my personal cup of tea. On the other hand, for it not being my usual book of choice it completely blew my mind. This story has guts. The author has guts and I congratulate her for writing in such a crude way. It worked magically with the whole plot of the story.

The narrator is something I had not read before and I can say I really enjoyed it. It was sort of a present third person narrative where everything occurred in the present and that just made you walk in the same steps and in the same mindset of the characters in the book. In some occasions I had to brace myself as I felt I was entrapped too much into the minds of these people.

The two characters are very well made and well constructed. We have Elyse, who can be described as the girl of the tracks that didn't really grow up in a nourishing household. She came from a poor family, didn't finish high school, didn't go to college type of story. On the other hand, Jamey is also coming from a family with even less because what they had in money they lacked in sensitivity and love. Heir of a giant fortune and student of Yale he is super stuck up but ends up falling in love with Elyse and they embark in a love affair that is way too much for both of them.

I expected it to be him to loose it at the end, I expected Elyse to grow and mold into the woman she became. There are some beautiful parts where their relationship is shown that had me swooning, however never too much. I didn't fall in love, but I don't think you are meant to. This goes with the rawness of the story. It is so raw and showcases reality so much in so many ways, even though drugs and extremes amount of money may not be involved, yet you relate to the emotions and feelings of confusion, hatred, love and dysfunction that are thrown at normal humans at a daily basis.

This story I would depict as a must read because of its showcase of society. Even though I didn't fall in love, I did find it very enjoyable. It does have a very slow pace, yet the descriptive and beautiful narration makes up for it.

“I’ll die for your sins if you live for mine.”

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this honest review.

***3.5 stars***