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The Last Star by Rick Yancery

The Last Star culminates the trilogy that was the 5th wave. I have to say I am completely disappointed by how this series ended and how it progressed over time. I was very excited for the first book, reading it I felt I had discovered a gem. However, that gem slowly turned into rocks as this one slowly decided to exterminate all that I enjoyed in the first books.

One of the reasons I believe I didn't enjoy this book is because I really forgot a lot about what had happened in the series. I had to read summaries and try to pin point what exactly went down in the second one. Also goes to show how little my memory retained from this stories, which is not good.

Really though, what happened to this series? What happened to the compelling writing that made you want to jump into the story and help the characters out. In this one I found myself very confused most of the time and wanting to throw a fit every time Cassie's point of view came around.

The characters. I fell in love with the characters in the first book. I adored Cassie and Ethan together, in the second one I found love for Ringer and for Razor, and Ben wasn't always my cup of tea but I still found him intriguing. In this one all of the characters are too depressed, too mean, too fucked up and way too boring. Their characterization dropped down a lot.

"My hands roamed his body, an undiscovered country, which henceforth I shall call Evanland. Hills and valleys, desert plains and forest glens, the landscape pockmarked with the scars of battle, criss-crossed by fault lines and unexpected vistas. And I am Cassie the Conquistador: The more territory I conquer, the more I want."

I wanted to LITERALLY rip the page out in that part, this juvenile and totally childish way of describing sex didn't do it for me. There were also a bunch of lines from Ben where he was trying to make Ringer smile that simply made me cringe.

The ending. I am still not sure about the ending. I think I like it though, everything is still unresolved and nothing really happens to fix anything but I do think it is the only thing that could have happened to make the story a little better.

Some lines are wonderful, some parts remind me why I enjoyed the book in the first place. However, overall this book simply downgraded fast.

--- 3 stars ---