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The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin

“You'll love him to ruins. Unless you let him go.”

The Becoming of Noah Shaw is one of those books that I was dying to read. I saw it and I had to buy it right away, I couldn't resist as reading the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer series' left me wanting for so much more. I read many reviews saying how this book was a disappointment and that it didn't reach the beauty of the Mara Dyer series. In my honest opinion I adore Noah, I adore Mara and I absolutely adore Michelle's writing. However, this book is sort of a filler for what I hope is coming in the series. There isn't a lot going on and don't expect to find a lot of action because there isn't.

We finally get to see inside Noah's head and see why he adores Mara so much (something I had been dying to observe). What we get is a lot of lying and observing how their lovely yet toxic relationship continues to get out of hand as they lie and hide things from each other.

Noah is an amazing character, very sarcastic and very brooding. He keeps to himself and his thoughts which is why I believe the story stays a long time in his head rather than in discovering the problem of the Gifted people dying or really committing suicide/ being murdered. Nothing gets solved really, the ending leaves us very confused and heart broken.

I am not disappointed in this first book because it seems to set the mood and the tone for what comes next. It wasn't however what I expected exactly. I am still really eager to see what Michelle has in store for the Mara Dyer fans.

The plot twist at the end was beyond amazing, it clearly shows that this turmoil is not over and that there is probably much more problems coming the squads' way. I was very sad when Mara and Noah go their separate ways and I cannot wait to see how everything will work out.

--- 4 stars ---