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Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

"Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness"

Colleen Hoover delivers a intricate story of family, love, loss, betrayal and secrets. The Voss family is anything but perfect. With an atheistic father, agoraphobic mother, annoying step mother, perfect twin sister and brother, Merit feels as though she does not fit in and her presence in her family is unimportant. She stops going to school and the secrets of her family affairs leaves her feeling unwanted.

She collects trophies that she does not win as a form of piling and remembering her embarrassing moments in her life. In her usual antique shop she meets a random stranger who lights her world like she has never had it lit, they kiss passionately until he realizes he kissed the wrong twin sister, leaving Merit mortified that she has feelings for her sister's boyfriend.

This story is a lighter read than most of Colleen Hoover's stories yet its structure and base comes from an undeniable force that moves all the characters and the plot of the story. The characters are extremely real and they evoke feelings that only Hoover's imagination is able to do in her readers.

“Tuqburni is used to describe the all-encompassing feeling of not being able to live without someone. Which is why the literal translation is, ‘You bury me.”

The plot twists are incredible and they leave you with the necessary suspense in order for you to binge read this book in a day. The story also talks a lot about depression and family values and the way that she includes unique items in her books is the reason for my adoration of her writing.

Even though it is not my favorite book of Colleen Hoover it still deserves the rating it does because she is able to write to differently and uniquely in all her stories and yet evoke feelings in her readers.

--- 5 stars ---