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Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige

“And remember as in all of us, it is only your capacity for wickedness that makes selflessness possible.”

I started this series a long time ago, read the first two books and was very disappointed by the second one. The third and fourth came out and I was in no hurry to grab my hands on this story. However, I don't enjoy not finishing stories and I knew I had to inverse myself again in the world of OZ and Wicked. I wish I could say this book got better, but it didn't, it honestly doesn't. I will soon grab the fourth book and be proud of myself that I was able to finish the series, but in no way is the series something I completely enjoy.

Yellow Brick War starts off with our main character, Amy Gumm stuck in Kansas with Nox (her beloved, now turned witch boyfriend whom she cannot love or kiss or think about kissing) and with the Wicked Witches. Her role in this whole ordeal is to find the magic shoes that are somehow and for some reason in Amy's old high school.

Problem Numero Uno : Why are the shoes magically in the school? Why is the setting of this book so bland when they are in Kansas. The only possible places that the author describes to us in Kansas are the school the house and wherever the characters land because I never really got that.

Amy has to see her mother again, who is now clean and has a good boyfriend. She also has to come back to school and see her human nemesis who now has a child and is considered a loser. Queen B and Amy become fast friend (this I also found potentially unnecessary and super cliche).

The world around Amy starts to crumble as the Principal of the school is actually the King of the Nomes, and he is supposed to be really bad. Which I never got why he was really bad because he doesn't do much evilness in this book.

Problem Numero Dos: The evil characters just don't get to me. They are too fictitious and too fake for me to feel something for them. I don't feel scared or in love with them in a morbid way. I feel a little for Dorothy but that's about it.

All in all the battle begins and the witches fight, they win, they lose. You know how that goes, follows the usual game plan. Oh! The witch that was under a spell in which she couldn't really be a part of the world magically became better and became the Queen again.

The problems get resolved too quickly and without no momentum. The story is somewhat cliche. The main character is boring. The love story is irrelevant and not enticing enough. I wish this story was better, it has so much raw potential.

--- 2.5 stars---