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The Ex Games (ALL) by J.S & Helen Cooper

The ex games is the closest you will get to seeing your favorite Telemundo telenovela on a book. It is filled with cheesy sexy sex scenes, tumultuous romances, and a bunch of unnecessary plot twists. It is one of those books you read to fill your mind when you are having a rough time choosing which book to read next. The writing is not great, especially during the sex scenes, but the plot twists in a way makes it a little worthwhile. I enjoyed reading it because I was in a mood for a book like this however if you are not probably stay far away.

I confess I didn't read the books correctly. I read all 3 of the ex games and the read the fourth one. I hadn't realized I had to read the private club novella before the 4th one, hence why I didn't get it at all.

The story tells the story of billionaire Brandon and young Katie. They met when she was a freshman in college, lies to him about her age and they start this relationship filled with what Katie believed where white lies. When Brandon finds out, days before he was actually going to propose to Katie, he gets super mad has sex with her near a dumpster and never calls her again.

As their lives move on, they both can't forget about each other. They find themselves entrapped in each other's arms again as Katie finds a job in his company. Soon they start to uncover more and more lies and they try as they begin to build a relationship. However, they must come clean about all the lies they have. Which includes that they have a child together whom Katie actually gave up for adoption and Brandon adopted, then he was part of this private club and shit goes wrong and some girls they had sex with want to kill him and his partner, among other stuff that is fitted for a telenovela.

The story is short, so if you are in the mood for a light drama and passion filled novel this is for you.

--- 2 stars ---