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The Convergence by Tenille Berezay

The Convergence is a magical, paranormal, romantic story that tells the story of Desiree Morgan. She hides her real self and her apparent physical abilities of everyone, nobody really understand or knows who she really is because the physical powers (strength, speed) come with the price of her being scared of not being normal. That is until a new face in town comes sweeping her off her feet, Blake Thomas.

Blake has many secrets on his own and as Desiree finds out she is adopted and they start falling in love with each other, the secrets get harder to keep. Secrets that involve Desiree in more way than one.

As Blake tells her that she is part of an elite group of people that have abilities to turn their emotions into physical powers called the convergers. Her biological father was one as well. They set Blake up to look for her and other convergers. However, Blake doesn't want Desiree to join as he fears the group would probably enjoy her power and decide to use her for bad or worse decide to terminate. This is why he sets to leave and leaves Desiree behind with a broken heart and a new found truth about herself. However, the whirlwind of the story doesn't end there. As Desiree desires to find answers about her biological dad she finds herself in the group Blake didn't want her to meet. They set her up for a bunch of testing and she realizes that the group, specially its leader, is more dangerous as she thinks.

The story is filled with unmoving action and a romance that in my opinion could have been prolonged and explored a little longer. I didn't enjoy the fact that their relationship went from they not admitting to what they really felt, to them ignoring each other, and to Blake blurting out in the middle of a trial how she loved her. It was a cute way of admitting their love for each other, but it happened too sudden and it left me no real sense of their relationship. Apart from that I enjoyed that the author was able to add to the story both the high school side of Desiree, keeping her kind of childish and innocent and yet she was able to change the mood mid book to a more mature and action filled book.

The cliffhanger left my heart aching for more and I can't wait to read the next one!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

--- 4 stars ---