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People Like Us by Dana Mele

Prepare to be baffled and thrown under a bus in this Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars intricate story of lies, betrayal and sisterhood. I hadn't read murder mysteries and a long time and after reading this one I cannot understand why, thankfully this book reminded me of how much I adored reading mystery. All in all I must say this is one of the best, craziest, well-written YA mysteries I have ever read. I congratulate the author for her simple written, well developed plot and characters that allowed the multiple plot twits to flow beautifully.

The story narrates the life of high schooler soccer player/queen B Kay, and it begins in a somber day of Halloween, a day that was supposed to be fun. However Kay and her friends Brie, Maddie, Tricia, Cori and Tai all go to the lake to skinny dip (a tradition of Bates Academy) and they run into a corpse of Jessica Lane, a Bates Academy student. None of the girls seems to know who she is, the police come and interrogate them as witness. However, the police seem very intrigue with our protagonists side of the story and as more evidence comes to light, Kay is thrown into the bus with a possible murder charge.

Following the days of the suicide who later turns out to be a murder Kay gets an email apparently sent from Jessica herself. Scared, Kay sets out to follow the rules of this revenge website and contacts Nola (a hacker whose life was made impossible by the Bates Girls). Nola and Kay start an uncommon friendship and starts solving the clues of the mysterious website which means she has to out her friends in most of their lies and betrayals. One is outed for doping and kicked out of the tennis team, another for sleeping with a married teacher, Nola is outed for murdering the headmistress cat, and among other outrageous and scary lies they have all kept.

Through the whole development of the story we not only give possible suspects and new clue, but also discover Kay's past and why solving the riddle are so important to her. The author does a tremendous job in offering the readers the needed pieces of the story little by little. The book is long and developed and I love it because it doesn't go as fast as many mysteries because it is so detailed and so explicit in everything. It also is amazing because the author is able to contrast the explanations and plots twits with the wonderful story she build up, so the reader is never bored of her writing or Kay's narration.

I must also note that I have never read an LGBT book before, I've tried and many times I just didn't relate to the characters. However this book weaves the intricate love stories beautifully.

I suggest you grab a copy right away because this review doesn't even cover how great and mind blowing this book is!

--- 5 stars ---