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As Old As Time by Liz Braswell

"Magic always comes back on itself"

The Beauty and the Beast return in this twisted tale that mixes the wicked plots of Dorothy Must Die with out favorite classic Beauty and the Beast. The third installment of The Twisted Tales tells the same story we have heard ever since we were three with a enormous change. What if this time Belle's mother was the Enchantress that cursed the Beast?

The narrator style is amazing because it narrates the story of present Belle and her finding the Beast, the story we know already. However, every chapter either has Belle's third person point of view or tells the story of Maurice, Belle's father, and his life before Belle was born. In here we see a story we had never even thought about. Belle's mother is a powerful enchantress and a part of les charmantes, a group of magic folk that succumb the streets of France. The kingdom (Beast's parents) are sick of all the magic and suddenly all les charmanantes are disappearing. Belle's parents decide to escape from both the plague and the possible murders and settle themselves in a boring and normal village. However, Rosalind (the enchantress) cannot see her allies all disappearing and decides to go to the castle and ask for help, her help comes denied. As the plague continues to battle the old kingdom the Queen and King ask for the Enchantress' help which she refuses. After the sickness spread and takes the Queen and Kind with them, a new eleven year old Prince is ready to become King. The Enchantress cannot let another fool run her beloved kingdom so sets an adventure and finds the Prince, the fairy tale continues normal as she gives him a rose in exchange for cover from the rain, he refuses and the Enchantress sets him a spell that leaves his castle forgetten, his servants turned into objets and the beautiful prince turns into a beast.

The story is very whimsical, magic, and fun. It has a lot of details and characters that you end up falling in love with. I liked Braswell addition to the tale we all know. This one is clearly more dark and sinister and it has another layer to it. It discusses good and evil and when it is right to turn matters into your hands. As we learn both the Enchantress and D'Arque (an old family friend who turns out being the one kidnapping the magic people) are evil because they thought they were doing best by either cursing a boy or taking away the magic from les charmantes.

“Life is a strange mixture of all of these genres, she mused, and it doesn’t have nearly as neat and happy an ending as you often get in books.

The story lacks in dialogue though I must say. I found the dialogue to be a bit over the place, not very fluid and there was way too much storytelling for us to completely love the story. I loved it because I am a fan of Beauty and The Beast, however I am not sure if someone who was not a fan of this tale would love it too.

--- 3.5 stars ---