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Everless by Sara Holland

In a world where Time is currency and a prison, Jules is born to despise the people that rule the country, the Gerlings. However once upon a time In the kingdom of Sempera Jules used to be happy. As her father was the blacksmith she grew up as a happy servant girl, playing and telling stories to the young monarchs that surrounded the palace. However one unfaithful night Liam, the older brother, supposedly throws Roan into the fire and Jules saves him just in time. With her knowledge of who Liam really is her father and her escape and settle in an unmagical and poor village where they have to start giving their blood and time (which turns into blood iron coins ) to survive.

A chance like no other arises for Jules and she must go back to Everless to save her father as his days are sleeping slowly away from him. In the castle she begins to enravel mysteries of the world she used to love and the girl she is and was. She is able to stop time, nobody else can, and she must find out why she can do what she can and who is really her friend in the cold castle of the kingdom.

The romance of the story is very vague. I didn't really fall in love with any of the characters. Not even Jules as her father dies and she falls in this frenzy to uncover the truth I never really feel for her. I never really feel for Ina Gold, Jules' love interest Roan. The only one I actually really enjoyed was Liam. This is really weird for me because I usually side with the first loves and the first romance that appears. Even though the story with Roan was very cute, I never really understood his personality and in many conversations he became such a wuss. Liam however was broody and normal and naturally hot. I hope in the sequel they will turn from enemies into lovers.

"for pouring so many dreams into the hands of a boy who can't even open his mouth to save me."

The plot is good and filled with mystery yet I feel the story is not executed in a very excellent way. A scene that could be exploited more was when Jules and Ina and Caro go to the witch and the only one that actually sees her past is Jules. The witch only tells her that what she saw was real and that's it. The same goes towards the end and how the killings are very rapid and there's no connection between one point to the other one.

Overall I recommend this story because it is a fast and entertaining read, however don't expect to fall head over heels in love. At least that didn't happen for me.

---- 3 stars ---