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The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross

“I cannot tell you what to decide, what is best," he stated. "That is for your heart to choose, Brienna. But I will say this: no matter which path you choose, I will follow you, even unto darkness.”

Debut author Rebecca Ross brings Brianna, a whole new world, and the wonderful Cartier to life in her first novel of a trilogy called The Queens Rising. The story narrates the life of Brianna as her grandfather leaves her in Magnalia House, a place where girls with money and patronage are able to become one of the five passions art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge. Since the beginning it is apparent for the reader that a family secret is what drives Brianna to that house and the reason she stays in it.

Following her years of learning she tries all of the passions available finally settling on knowledge with her Master Cartier. As the day of the solstice arrives none of the masters decide to give her patronage and she is left without a master. However the headmistress of the school decides to give her a chance saying how she knows of someone that will take her and basically adopt her.

The story turns rapidly into action as her new father is actually one of the fallen lords of the Kingdom of Maevana, where Brianna's real father is actually from. The fallen lords want to coup the terrible monster of a King with a huge kindgom that is supposed to belong to a Queen. As she finds out more secrets of her father and her life she must decide with who she stands.

The story is really great and the writing is even more powerful. The character grow alive and the plot gets thicker by the time the book is ending. The ending is perfect and I really didn't expect another story to come out but apparently two more are coming our way. I also feel that a little more romance could have worked, even though I do feel that story is told very sweetly and discretely which matches the time period and the characters personality.

The only really bad thing is that there is a family tree in the beginning of the book that literally gives you the name of Brianna's real father, leaving that plot twist, the one that was supposed to be the biggest one, in a really bad light.

"We are ready because of sisterhood, because our bonds go deeper than blood. We rise for the queens of our past, and for the queens to come."

--- 3.5 stars ---