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Just One of the Royals by Leah and Kate Rooper

Just One of the Royals is the typical cliche love story with somewhat cute characters and a very predictable plot. We follow the life of our two main characters Daniel and Madison. Daniel is a hockey player and Madison desires to be an actress but her parents do not let her because of their background and because she thinks she should be a doctor. The plot twist comes in when Daniel apparently is also a Prince of some kingdom, after his father's death he must assume power and become King or the power will fall into the hands of a very mediocre King because his sister cannot be Queen since she is a girl.

My first problem with the story was Madison. Her dialogue, her characterization and her person is all wrong. You never get a feel for her and honestly I never really enjoyed her chapters. They were very repetitive following on the lines of her not being able to be an actress, her brooding because she thinks Daniel doesn't like her when it is obvious it is not, and her trying to get an audition.

"All my Beauty and the Beast dreams are coming true" - thoughts like this from Madison made her feel like a two year old and a wannabe.

Daniel, however, is probably the only reason why I actually enjoyed the book. I liked his brain much more than being in Madison's point of view. Yet the story seemed very one dimensional for me and it really didn't have much structure to it all.

The story is very childish in many ways and not realistic. Predictably, he becomes King as he barges in into his sister's wedding and he gets crowned right there. That simply is not how a King gets crowned, also his first rule is to absolve the law that says no girls can't be queens and then absolves and gives the kingdom to her sister. The whole moment the book leads to this event and it ends in 2 pages. It felts rushed at times and in all honesty the sub story of the best friends is much better as the girl impersonates a boy to enter the hockey team and falls in love with the captain. I felt that had more drive and momentum than the whole prince and actress wannabe storyline.

-- 2 stars --