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The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise

“The first time Zoe Clarke saw me, my hand was wrapped around my dick.”

With an opening line like that it was really hard not to completely fall in love with the personalities of both Zoe and Dylan. Their quirky, fun, and sometimes shy attributes was what made this book such a shining romantic jewel for me.

Dylan is your football college star, with a great chance to reach the NHL. He is not a bad boy, recently his heart got broken because his girlfriend decided to cheat on him. I loved that the author decided to paint Dylan this way. We usually get the frat star that turns mushy after meeting the girl. However Dylan was a hopeless romantic since the beginning which I had never seen in books of sports and romance.

Zoe Clarke is a very shy and quirky girl that in many ways felt so real. She wasn't perfect and she knew it. However the author didn't paint her as this no self esteem girl like we usually get. She is very sure of herself even though she is a little shy, but knows what she wants and how she wants it. Before her mother's death because of cancer, she tells her that the person whom raised her is not actually her father. Hence she decides to reach out to her father who turns out to be Dylan's coach.

As Zoe and Dylan meet each other in weird circumstances year after year, they end up becoming roommates, buddies and fall hopelessly in love with each other. However, Zoe is hiding a big secret and many times Dylan mistakes what that secret is leaving them in a very sketchy positions with their relationship.

I loved the characters so much and maybe that is why my rating is so high. The plot isn't spectacular, it's good yet I felt that the story was so well developed because of the characterization of the characters that it deserved to be a high rating. The slow and rising tension between the lovers is beautiful and the addition of other sub plots that slowly become intertwined with the main one is also done excellently.

“Why I wanted to know her name, why my eyes looked for her every now and then the entire night…back then, I didn’t know.”

I also really enjoyed how the characters seemed to be telling us the readers the story. It felt like a fun way to mix up the present and bring in the readers.

This book is perfect for a summer read when we are looking for something hot, romantic, and steamy.

“An offer for me to take the world.”

--- 4 stars ----