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I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting

“Because you look like you’re good at breaking hearts and bed frames.”

I Flipping Love You is a fast paced romantic story about Rian Sutter and Pierce Whitfield. They both work in real estate and as the synopsis in goodreads tells us they are sometimes both desiring the same households so they become enemies. This isn't extremely true, which takes away from the whole "enemy to lovers" trope, they are actually pretty respectful forwards each other and the real 'real estate' enemy is Pierce's brother not him.

I went into this story expecting nothing and I went out of it with a sweet feeling nothing more. I didn't fall head over heels in love with the characters, and the story is a bit predictable. Maybe just maybe I am starting to loose my love for this kind of stories because lately I have read a few and none of them have really captivated me. However there are some things I really enjoyed from this book even though it never surprised me or left me crying.

I really enjoyed Rian and Pierce in the beginning chapters when they were getting to know each other and bumping into each other all the time. I absolutely adored the writing style of the author in these parts because they scenes where genuinely funny, which is not something I say a lot about the books I read. I also enjoyed the story of Rian and her parents, maybe expanding that aspect of the story would have lead to more surprising twists rather than spending so much time talking about real estate which I usually skimmed through because I really didn't understand the real estate talk.

Pierce is an incredible main character, although sometimes I found him kind of lacking in some aspects there is not one moment that I would swoon over him or fall in love with him. He was incredible yes but maybe his role wasn't the best one for me.

The story does leave you smiling all over the place and rooting for their love, but it wasn't extraordinary for me just another romance to add to the pile of summer reads.

* I received this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *

--- 3 stars ---