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The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

"No matter how much I sometimes wanted it, there was no normal. There never had been. "Normal" and "natural" were the biggest lies we'd ever created. We humans with our little minds. And maybe being normal wouldn't suit me."

Samantha Shannon delivers a stunning work of art with her characterization and world building. This book is probably one of the most detailed I have ever read. I wasn't extremely sure of it at the beginning, the writing is spotless ever since the first line but the details in the story sometimes caught me off guard. It can get overwhelming, the first 100 pages are a bit descriptive and one must pay close attention to the detail that this author has given to this completely different world. After the beginning chapters of world building the plot takes on a completely different and enjoyable thrill ride. I was not expecting to like it so much. I started reading it because of a book club and had no idea the characters would become so important to me.

Paige, or heroine, is relatable, extremely well written and I found her so thrilling. Paige is a dream walker. She is able to separate herself of her body and enter people's dreams states, this can furthermore cause her to posses a person or eventually kill or leave them insane. She is very powerful, very strong yet she is scared of her own powers knowing she has an ability that could be deadly. Paige is kidnapped and taken to this world she didn't know existed, Sheol I. A place where the Rephaim, biologically immortal beings, control the city and take clairvoyants to become slaves and leave them out of the streets of London. (It is all very complicated so go get your hands on this adventurous tale now).

Paige's master Warden, takes a liking in her and she soon discovers he might not be as cruel as all the other Rephaim. He is also the fiancé of Nashira, who is the fiercest and cruelest leader of Sheol I and has an interest in Paige's ability. Paige must soon and quickly discover who her real friends are and who can she trust all this by trying to either overthrow the fierce immortal beings or get the hell out of this place.

The story is great, the characters are so well written and they match so well with each other. I love Warden and Nick. They are incredible and their stories and connection to Paige are extremely detailed and it makes you want to know more about their story and their life together. Nick was Paige's first love (even though he didn't love her back) and the person who taught her what she really was, after their first and second encounter Nick takes her to Jaxon Hall, the mime King of Paige's section and she soon becomes a criminal earning her name of the Pale Dreamer.

The itty bit of romance is slow burn and excruciatingly amazing. It is impossible and wrong for them to be together, yet their attraction and their love for each other is so palpable since the moment they see each other. Warden is an amazing character and I found his whole stance on the story to be so important and clear. I cannot wait to see more of him.

I would also suggest reading the prequel The Pale Dreamer to understand more of Paige's criminal aspect of the story and her connection with her team. I also suggest reading the glossary, as all the words that are repeated and a little bit different would be much easier to understand.

I cannot wait to read the second book of this novel and will continue rooting for Paige who rapidly has become one of my favorite heroines.

---- 5 stars ----