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Because You're The Love of My Life by Sarah Kleck

Because You're The Love of My Life is a very raw and intoxicating story about a young woman's path to find love. The story is told through the eyes and ears of Annie, as she graduates high school, goes to college, finds love and gets married. We are able to see her development as a young girl to a suffering woman. The book starts with her and her boyfriend Seth, her high school sweetheart the guy she believe she would spend the rest of her days with. That is until he graduates, he moves and they end up breaking up.

Through her pain, Annie ends up in Boston attending Harvard when she meets Holden. They start a whirlwind of a romance, get married, loose a child, and are about to get a divorce. The story narrates their life together, as they meet and as they become toxic for each other. As the troubles of marriage get too much for both of them and Annie decides to take a job in Seattle thinking that time apart will do them good. However, during that time apart Annie meets with Seth, her high school lover and they end up having sex. As Annie tells the truth to Holden she begs her to come home, which she does having realized the love of her life is Holden not Seth. However, the author throws out a (in my opinion) unnecessary plot twist and kills Holden through a terrorist attack in Boston. Cliche I know. It doesn't end there though because soon she finds out she is pregnant with Holden's daughter.

The story is sweet and in some parts makes you swoon. However, I feel as it is a plot we have hear and read before. The plot twists are relatively common and in my genuine opinion not necessary. There was too much angst and anger, many problems that go unresolved and the main issue of her always feeling unloved goes unresolved and instead the story focuses on the toxic love story that forms and dissipates after she cheats on him.

The ending is also unnecessary because the author builds us up giving us so much hate from the main characters and when everything finally is supposed to be resolved she just kills him. Making us feel that the whole climatic experience honestly wasn't worth it.

The writing is good, although at times it may be a little too much of Annie's thought process and as I wasn't really connecting with her and her feelings towards people it wasn't really enjoyable at time. I also feel the story goes by too quick, it doesn't breathe as things get thrown at us.

Overall I believe the author does write good, and she had a right idea for where to send the story. If this was my first read in this genre I would have liked it more, but it isn't and hence I don't appreciate it as much.

-- 2 stars --