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Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

“There was a man who loved the moon, but whenever he tried to embrace her, she broke into a thousand pieces and left him drenched, with empty arms.”

This strange and haunting tale is unlike no other. The world is on its own a spectacular character, merging with the protagonists of the story and shaping on its own to form a completely unique piece of writing. The writing itself is whimsical and lyrical. This complex world wouldn't be the same without its unique characters, each one giving the plot a very singular result.

At the beginning I found myself reading this book in a very slow pace. It wasn't that it hadn't caught my attention it just unfolded so slowly and ceremoniously that reading it has to be done slowly and with lots of attention. The writing is beautiful and complex and in my case wasn't a story that could be engulfed in a few days. I took my time, and I am grateful that I did because I was able to savor every message, every lyrical verse and every dialogue to its fullest

I fell in love with Sarai, her guilt and her thoughts. I fell in love with Lazlo and his dreams. And as they fall in love with each other, I can say these two are by far one of my favorite book couples. Their love is innocent, its raw, its sexy. The book has every bit of romance you need, and every bit of adventure you desire.

“I think you’re a fairy tale. I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. And I hope you'll let me be in your story.”

What I also loved about the book is the messages that it gives everyone who is able to read between the lines. Messages that convey problems that our world faces and Taylor is able to address these issues with Gods, monsters and dreams.

The issue of race and color is addressed very clearly in the book, the 'god spawn' are blue and hated by the humans. Yet Lazlo and Sarai are able to see past their colors and reach deep into their hearts for what really matters. One of my favorite scenes is when both of them are dreaming inside Lazlo's dream and as the mist passes by Lazlo turns blue and Sarai turns brown. This simple image that they saw each other as perfect made me cry a little and swoon because of the perfection these two characters portray.

Another issue which I felt was very important was the lineage. How children are not their parent's and they don't have to be a mistake. How someone can be a hero yet be a villain because of the things they did to be become a hero. The story is griping because it shows the complexity of the human mind, and how we can be both good and bad and yet still be a decent person.

“You think good people can't hate?" she asked. "You think good people don't kill?"[...}"Good people do all the things bad people do, Lazlo. It's just that when they do them, they call it justice.”

This book is magical, it is pure bliss and joy and I cannot wait for the sequel. It is more than words, and way more than 5 stars.

--- 5 stars ---