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The Consequence of Falling by Claire Contreras

"The thing about falling was that it didn't happen the way everyone imagined it. Sometimes it happened slowly, over time, and other times you found yourself waiting for the other person to catch up."

Claire, Claire, Claire. Once again you have me speechless and trying to find the words for your beautiful characters and well written stories. Every time I am in need of a little romance I know for sure that either a book from Claire Contreras or Colleen Hoover will satisfy me and leave me completely broken at the same time.

This enemies to lover story is cute, filled with angst and confused characters. Its sad and incredibly moving.

The Consequence of Falling tells the story of Presley and Nathaniel. They meet when Presley is in high school, going through her parents' divorce and Nathaniel is in college and working for Presley's dad. They don't get a long as Nate finds her bratty and insensitive. As the years go by and Presley's dad takes Nate under his wing as his business partner and friend Presley keeps seeing him way too many times. They end up going to the same college and start brewing a clear frustrated attraction between them, however when Presley tries to kiss him he pushes her away.

Years later, the enemies meet again this time for Presley's wedding to a politician. As Nate steals a kiss from her, she realizes her feelings for him but decides it was too late.

"I had to do it and I'm not going to apologize."

As the years go by and Presley's marriage fails she returns to her dad in hopes of helping him with the brewery. However, this means bumping into Nate and consequentially get more attached to the feelings they never acted upon.

The story is filled with angst which is what I enjoyed the most. It left me reading the story in one sitting because I couldn't stand the characters being so in love yet so stupid to not admit it to one another. The story takes you into a well developed love rollercoaster and the ending is so worthwhile that you enjoy how angsty the ride was.

I found the characters to be very interesting and liked how Claire was able to develop them throughout the book. You saw them change, and morph into adults and see how their life has affected them. You see how strong their love is for each other yet how scared they are to open up. I also really enjoyed the role family had in the story.

--- 4 stars ---