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The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

“Some revolutions change the world in a day. Others take decades or centuries or more, and others still never come to fruition. Mine began with a moment and a choice.”

After the shockingly amazing Bone Season, I had no idea what to expect from this book. I was excited to know more about Paige and Warden, yet I was so scared to open the pages and dwell into this world knowing that things were going to go bad before they could get better.

In the second installation of this beautiful series, Paige is back in her district, back to her job as Mollisher and working for the Seven Seals. However, her mind is still Sheol I, she hasn't had any contact with Warden and has no idea what happened to him after their shared kiss in the train station. However, what she does know is that there is a evil force that has been set to destroy the people and the London she loves. As no one listens to her and her knowledge of the Rephaim, she knows she must do something BIG to get her attention, even if it means going against all she stands for. Even if it means losing a little bit of herself in the process.

Just like the first installment the first part of the book is a bit slow, understandable for such a huge book and as it is part of a large series. It takes a few chapters for the reader to get to the action and then the rest of the book flows perfectly. I must say that the slow chapters are necessary because they are what creates the world, the setting and develops the characters so well.

The writing transports you to a world like no other. I really enjoyed getting a larger glimpse into the Seven Seals and the people that surround Paige. We are able to see how the group works and how they both lack in many things yet have a very good dynamic.

Jaxon Hall is an amazing villain. I hate him, I hate how he talks and for me he is just creepy, but I love that. I love how he shapes the story, how he affects Paige and how he drives many of the key actions in the book.

Paige as a heroine is extremely perfect. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses, she is powerful yet its a power thats beliavable. She isn't perfect and that is clear to the reader, she isn't one of a kind or the best at what she does but that is what makes her even more powerful in my opinion. She is a multifaceted character, strong willed and a leader and I absolutely love reading through her perception.

I must admit that my favorite parts of the book started when Warden made an appearance again. I was so nervous as I was reading the beginning because in many moments I thought he could be dead and that would have killed me. I enjoyed how the romance escalated a little bit more in this installment yet it didn't take away from the adventure and action packed plot. The romance is slow burning, lustful and so atrociously controversial. The love is admired through the stolen glances and the touches of affection and although their love is impossible you see it bloom so clearly and I adored it. Warden and Paige complement each other, yet it is not one of those romances that we see often where they are obsessed with each other and would die for each other or suffer highly because their love cannot happen. On the contrary, they enjoy their secret kisses whenever they can and their attraction and connection goes far beyond a simple romantic interest. They understand and see each other which is so beautifully written by Shannon.

“It is not that I do not want you. Only that I might want you too much. And for too long”

“You can never want too much. That’s how they silence us,” I said. “They told us we were lucky to be in the penal colony instead of the æther. Lucky to be murdered with NiteKind, not the noose. Lucky to be alive, even if we weren’t free. They told us to stop wanting more than what they gave us, because what they gave us was more than we deserved.” I picked up my jacket. “You’re not a prisoner any more, Arcturus.” Warden looked at me in silence. I left him in that ruined hall with the music echoing above him.”

The exploration of corruption in all the "Government-like" systems that the book has was indeed one of the best parts of the story. Trying to figure out who the bad guy is and then realizing almost everyone is part of this huge corruption and destruction plot makes you devour the book in a few sittings.

“His dreamscape sent a tongue of fire across my flowers.”

I LOVED the ending and I cannot wait to read the third book , which yes I literally bought the second I closed the Mime Order.

“Hope is the lifeblood of revolution. Without it, we are nothing but ash, waiting for the wind to take us.”

--- 5 stars ---