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My Way Back to You by Claire Contreras

“I had never deserved this woman. Not when we were kids, not when we were teenagers, not four years ago, and certainly not now. I’d never done anything to deserve her attention or her love, yet, she gave it to me continuously without asking for anything in return.”

Our Tessa and Ro are back in this much anticipated sequel to Then There Was You. After the gut wrenching cliff hanger of the first book, this sequel was a must read. With a much slower plot, it allowed for more character developments and connection to be created. While book 1 was mostly about Tessa and Rowan deciding on their relationship, this one is more based on them getting back to each other and all the people that surround them.

I really enjoyed the whole premise and the turns that this book took. It was very obvious what was going to happen, but how the process of reconciliation between the two was written was beyond words beautiful. Not only that but we have the wonderful addition of our precious Miles. Which yes if you are reading this SPOILER ALERT they had a baby together. That is the big cliffhanger that Contreras gifted us, and this book is all about Tessa keeping the baby a secret from Miles.

“I don’t just love you, Sprite. I bleed for you. Only for you.”

However, before we get all mean with Tessa she did have good parental thought behind her betrayal. Remember that pesky, annoying woman we all hated in the first book? She married Ro and was still present in their lives when Miles was born, hence Tessa was scared of involving her son with Ro's contract with the evil witch.

As all lies though, Ro finds out and is devastated. The process begins as they both try to fit not only a child into their lives, but each other as well. As their love is not over and has grown stronger this time around they are willing to do everything they can to be with each other.

“I had a son. A smart, adorable, son named Miles. And the woman I had dreamed of every night since the day I let her go had kept him from me.”

This story is much slower and less angsty. We do get a fair share of bickering between our main characters, but not as much as the first one. Which I adored because it fit more with all the growing the characters had done.

The writing as always was perfect and the whole story of Tessa and Ro closes perfectly.

“He bleeds, you know. Our little boy bleeds.” “I know he does,” he said brokenly. “And out of all the things I’m proud of, that one’s at the top of the list.” He cupped my face, leaned down, and kissed me softly. “I love you, Sprite. Don’t forget that.”

I did however, want more details on Sam. He goes through a cancer scare and I feel it wasn't as touched upon even though I felt it was really important. All in all I recommend this duology to anyone who has a soft spot for romance.

--- 4 stars ---