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Still Not Yours by Nicole Snow

"Sometimes it’s not force that can break you, but the gentlest touch"

Still Not Yours is a romance story that I could have lived without reading and been totally okay with it. I have a thing where I highlight things I love in yellow, and the things I do not like in a book in red. Theres A LOT of red in the pages of this kindle book (if that even is a thing).

The story narrates the life of Riker and Olivia. Olivia is a rich, young girl with many daddy issues that somehow ends up in a shootout between some drug dealers. The issue is that her famous sister does drugs and apparently she didn't pay the dealers, they were mad, somewhere a long the whole transaction we find out her dad is actually involved. To make the issue shorter, it is a big mess and Olivia is sent into protection. Her protection = Riker. As part of a security company his job is to take her home (this does not happen in real life, but okay) and fake being her fiancé. They end up liking each other more than they should, put at risk everything and it all ends up happy at the end.

My problems:

1. The age difference. I usually don't care if one is 35 and the other one is 20. Or something a long those lines. I also really don't care if the woman is mature and shows to be a little older than her age mind and intelligent wise. However, this was NOT a thing in this book. She is really young and he is really old, has a daughter who is 12, and although he might be really hot this was an instant deal breaker for me.

2. The daddy issues. I am usually okay with daddy issues when they are well represented and well developed. Again, this was not the case for this steamy love story. And one thing that bothered me and almost made me quit reading was that she called her dad "Daddy." WOW.

3. The inner dialogue. There were many times that I found myself screaming AGAIN? in the story, for how many times their inner dialogue repeated. The same insecurities repeated over and over again before the book was done had me going crazy.

Writing this review makes me dislike the book further. Honestly, there were some good parts and some good scenes. I really liked Ryker's little girl, and I found her relationship with Liv was really cute. However, I really didn't like the character. Ryker's hot but too insecure, Liv is an aspiring writer and has cool aspects but is such a baby. There were far too many scenes or dialogues that could have been left our or replaced.

"What no one ever tells you about weddings is that everyone wants a piece of you because everyone wants to touch a little of your happiness, like it’s star shine that can rub off on them in magic, glittery dust"

--- 2 stars ---