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Vicious by L.J. Shen

"My obsession. My muse. My enemy."

Baron "Vicious" Spencer is a tough human to love. He is ruthless, a bully, violent and oh so vicious. Yet deep under, under all the lies, the plotting and revenge is a sweet mistreated boy who lost his heart ages ago and only one girl has the ability to regain it.

I finished reading the Kiss Thief, also by this author, and soon I knew I had to get more books and needed more of her writing. Although, I loved The Kiss Thief way more, Vicious is still an amazing fast and swoon worthy read.

The story is about Vicious, as everyone calls him, and our other main character Emilia. As Vicious is cruel and a bully, Emilia is sweet, humble and poor. Vicious with all his money and his attractive body and face does nothing to Emilia's exterior yet underneath her heart melts for this brooding boy. They met as Emilia's mother works as a cook in his mansion. They don't get of on the right foot as Emilia overhears Vicious and another man talking about serious manners and Vicious discovers her and thinks she was eavesdropping and knows his secret. However, she doesn't and he doesn't believe her and decides to hate her. As they start growing old they start having an incredible sexual tension yet hate each others guts. Things get worse when Emilia starts dating one of the HotHoles, as the town calls Vicious and his three best friends, and Vicious best friend, Dean Cole. Not only does this put a strain in the HotHoles' relationship, but also Vicious' starts growing crazy with jealousy. So much that he eventually drives Emilia out of town.

“It’s about you being a liar when you were seventeen. And it’s about you still being a liar when you’re twenty-seven. You fucked one of my best friends when, really, you wanted to fuck me. It’s time to make amends, Miss LeBlanc.”

They meet years later and Vicious, still being that same cruel broken ass hole, decides to give Emilia a job as his PA. However, he needs her for more cruel and probably illegal plans. As Emilia needs the job to take care of her sick sister she decides to take it knowing that her heart and probably her body won't get out intact. Well she was right, as they start a new dynamic they soon discover the sexual tension they built for so many years. Slowly but surely Emilia starts discovering a side of Vicious she always knew was there, but he never showed. That is until plans go all wrong and Vicious returns home leaving Emilia stranded and heart broken. Vicious learns that all the revenge in the world for the wrongs people have committed on him are not worth losing the girl of his dreams and finally decides to pursue Emilia the right way.

"He was toxic, poison, and he was going to kill everything beautiful in my life if I let him. He was the storm to my cherry blossoms"

Something that didn't make this book a 5 star read was Emilia. Although I loved her at times, I felt as if she never really changed or grew in the book. That was not something I saw in The Kiss Thief, where the heroine grows despite the challenges she faces. Emilia, I feel, continued to do the same thing over and over again, following Vicious all over the place and never truly working for her dreams. Even as the book ends, she leaves everything behind to go with Vicious and although I wanted her to go with him I feel she never did anything for herself. I didn't enjoy that part of the story and wish there could have been something in the epilogue or an addition to the book where we can see Emilia actually doing something for herself. However, with Vicious we do see the change. We see his walls break down and his demeanor change with Emilia as he finally starts to gain his heart back.

One thing I adored and will contemplate and remember this book for was the whole Black and Pink scenes of the book. They blew my mind, destroyed my heart and make me root for these two toxic lovers.

"I was her black. And she was my pink."

This line killed me, and made me love Vicious so much more than I liked Emilia as a main character, I found him more interesting too and more complicated which is something I enjoy in a character: "I was stealing her pens and pencils, when actually, I was desperate for her words. All of them. Every letter and syllable. Every silly doodle."

--- 3.5 stars ---