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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

“He taught me things in the space of two minutes that the span of my lifetime did not.”

The Hating Game is an impressing romance novel that will leave you swooning and feeling all the feels for the two amazing main characters. Lucy and Joshua are mortal enemies, they despise each other. They work together as CO- Vice CEO'S of a big publishing company and ever since day one, they have disliked each other. However the line between hate and love is very thin and they are soon going to find out how much their dislike is actually being deceived as love.

I loved this book. This enemy to lovers OTP has to be one of my favorites, the characters are witty and interesting. The romance is a slow burn and it burns rather slowly. There are so many great scenes!

This book is a MUST read for all those people that enjoy rom coms and enjoy the funny banter between the main characters. My favorite parts of the books were all the incredible scenes the author orchestrated. From the games Lucy and Joshua played and the little jealousy moments Joshua had they just made me fall in love.

"You're who I want. You're always beautiful. This really matters."

I also really enjoyed our characters. For me, it is really important to like the point of view I am reading and Lucy was incredible. She was funny and dramatic, she was a book worm. In many ways I felt she was relatable to my own personality. As for Josh and his own games and his mindset was also super refreshing for me. He was not your typical alpha male which is something I enjoyed, he was at times mean and cruel but when it came to romance he was slow and wanted to savor all the moments they had together. The sub story with him and his family was all neat to watch unfold. The story is a little bit melodramatic and there are too many references to Joshua's temple of a body which threw me off a little but all in all it is one of the most amazing rom coms I have had the experience to read.

"I'm at the gates of a frighteningly momentous orchard, and I need to focus my gaze forward on the far exit, laser strong, never looking up."

--- 4 stars ----