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Defy by L.J. Shen

"That didn’t feel forbidden, or bad. Just a boy and girl liking each other."

THIS is how you write an amazing, almost tear jerking, and interesting prequel/novella. I read Vicious and liked it. I decided to give Defy a chance, although you all probably now how much I hate reading stories of other characters, they usually make me miss the first characters I fell in love with and make me not care enough about the others. However, I knew this teacher and student romance was going to be amazing.

Defy is the prequel to the successful series of standalone book called Sinners of Saint. They all narrate the stories of one of the Hot Holes of Todos Santos. Defy is told through the eyes of Ms. Green, Jaime Followhill's new interest and English Lit teacher. They soon start an affair that could leave Ms. Green without a job or a future, yet for her Jaime is the only man that has ever made her feel like a woman.

"I was looking for number four. For Jaime Followhill. For the HotHole who always made my stomach dip like I’d just gotten on a rollercoaster. For the boy who felt too much like a man. And, sadly, for the guy who filled the void in me with more than just his arousal and hot flesh."

This book surprised me because for being a novella it is incredibly written and very well spaced out. Theres just enough detail for the story to be juicy and for you to want to continue the next book in the series. The only thing I didn't enjoy was seeing Vicious through the eyes of another person that wasn't Emilia. It was however, interesting to see the story develop from an outsider's point of view rather than a high schooler that was going through the whole 'Hot Holes' wave.

"Dean Cole had his elbows on his desk, leaning forward, drinking her words like they were oxygen. And Vicious? He looked at her like she was his."

Jaime was sweet, and nothing like I expected him to be. He was genuine and incredibly loyal. I had less up and downs than those I had with Vicious because he doesn't really make you second guess yourself. At time Ms. Green was a little immature for me, and at the end when the whole thing and the whole affair gets blown up in their faces the consequences aren't all that bad. This I found to be a little unrealistic and very anticlimactic, however for the length and purpose of the novella I believe its okay. All in all it was a good read and worthwhile. The lives of these HotHoles are interesting to keep reading the whole series.

"You were the perfect sin to commit, Melody"

--- 3 stars ---