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Fake Love by Claire Contreras

"I love you, and not in the best friends kind of way. In a real love kind of way. And I wish I could stop, but it's not something I can just wish away."

First thing I would like to acknowledge is that I love Clare Contreras and I will continue to love her writing even after this book didn't do her writing justice. I think a lot of things are the reason for this book not being as great as the other, first of it is a novella. It is short and sweet and if it was transferred to an actual novel length book it would have been amazing.

Fake Love is a friends to lovers short novella on two friends who have faked relationships here and there, from faking injuries to be with each other to faking the feelings they have for one another it is really hard for them to see the love that is there because of their friendship line.

I liked the characters, not Evelyn that much, but I loved Cory. I wish we could have gotten more though. The story felt too rushed, so many key information, background information was missed and details that could have been great were not really included.

The synopsis talks about their past and their childhood together, but these scenes are barely mentioned in the book. They are not even described! I guess I missed the whole plot and character development that Contreras ALWAYS has on her books. Again, this is a novella even though I really wish it wasn't.

The story is interesting enough for it to be expanded, the characters are cute and sometimes witty. The main characters is a little bit aloof which is not something I enjoyed. She never realizes that Cory is in love with her which is so obvious, and she continues this back and forth with him because she doesn't want to admit her feelings. It all was very childish. Maybe this isn't my favorite trope at all, but I did expect a little bit more from one of my favorite authors.

Nevertheless, I know her writing is amazing. I know she is one of those authors that has an ability to depict love so genuinely and purely, however this is not her best work.

“I’ve been in love with you most of my life.”

-- 2 stars --