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Retrieval by Aly Martinez

"'They sound horrible, Lissy.' Not Lizzy. Lissy. I’d lived twenty-six years of life before that night. But, suddenly, I was alive for the very first time. I knew absolutely nothing about that man. But I knew he was mine. And I was meant to be his."

Retrieval is part of a very thrilling and page turning duet about love, hope, and second chances. The story is very unique, very well developed, yet for some reason this story didn't completely entrap me.

Retrieval follows the story of Lissy and Roman, a couple who got married after their first date. This already sets up an epic and world changing romance, it does in many parts yet in some parts it just doesn't deliver as much as I thought it was going to. Years after their successful marriage, they start undergoing fertility treatments because Roman cannot have children. After a successful IVF, Lissy is pregnant yet she loses the child minutes after he was born. This leaves the couple in a very raw position, very heartbroken and sad. Hence, instead of growing together or making each other feel better they start growing apart. Roman becomes a workaholic until Lissy can't stand it anymore and they get a divorce. Years after their divorce, it is clear they are not over each other and they are pushed to be in each other's lives when they find out that their eggs got switched in the IVF treatment and they may have an actual daughter, who is living with a violent drug dealer that beats his wife.

The story turns really fast and really scary pretty quickly. Soon enough, Clare's voice is added to the story. Clare is the drug dealers wife and the mom of Lissy and Roman's actual daughter. She is someone I did not enjoy reading about, when it actually should have been the most tear producing part. I cried no tears for them, or felt anything remotely close to love for her. Many times I felt her to be weak, and her love story was another one I really didn't care for.

As for Roman and Lissy, those two I adored. Their second chance romance is heartbreakingly cute, a little bit fast at times and it could have been developed at a more steady pace. They go from being divorced, to being back in each other's lives, to getting married again in a matter of pages. I felt like their love for each other could have been developed more fluently.

The plot twists and turns are a bit confusing at times. I just don't know what to make of this book, because it was very intriguing in some parts and some parts could have been developed so much better. The idea was good, and the writing is not bad yet it didn't make me feel as this book was going to change my life.

"A love like ours wasn’t measured in years, distance, or time apart. It was never-ending"

--- 3 stars ---