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Transfer by Aly Martinez

“What do you need, Clare?”… “You.” “Then take it.”

I really wanted to like this duet. I read the synopsis and thought that this was probably going to be one of those stories that broke me and left me without an ability to want to read anything else. I was wrong, this book started a book slump for me that I haven't been able to get out of for all the wrong reasons. It didn't gut me, it made me mad. It didn't make me cry, it made me fall asleep and pick another book to read. It did not register in my mind as a great book and I am really sad about that because I really enjoyed the writing it was just okay for me. Nothing incredible, and it should have been.

Transfer is the second part to the Retrieval Series. Book one ended in a good cliffhanger, and now in Transfer (which is told in Clare's POV rather than Elizabeth's) Clare and Luke are trying to escape the past abuses that Clare has suffered and to give her daughter a better life.

There a lot of things that bothered me and the first one being that I didn't like or enjoy Clare as a character. She was a mother and I enjoyed that, she was selfless (at times) and cared about others. However, she was so ungrateful and mean at times. I couldn't stand when Luke and Clare would talk bad about Lizzy or when Clare wouldn't give her time with HER daughter, it all just didn't make sense to me. The whole charade where Elizabeth was going to let her keep her daughter and only see her a few times a day was not believable. I understand that Lissy was trying to be nice, but its YOUR daughter at the end of the day.

That was my main problem. I also didn't love Luke, and I adored Roman. Hence, when the voices switched and all we would hear was Luke being jealous and Luke being alpha male and Luke being overprotective I just couldn't deal with it.

Again, I wish I could have liked this book and these romances way better than I actually did.

-- 2 stars --