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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

“Never Flinch.' A cold whisper in her ear. 'Never fear. And never, ever forget.' The girl nodded slowly. Exhaled the hope inside. And she'd watched her father die.”

First things first, Nevernight is a story completely unique. A world and a type of writing that you will not find elsewhere. Jay Kristoff weaved a world together filled with history and characters with so much to tell.

Mia Corvere watched her father die, and her whole family got taken away from her when she was only 10 years only. Since that fateful day she swore on her life to avenge the death of her family with only the help of her shadow non cat and her dagger. Her only way of avenging her family is by enrolling in The Red Church. An academy like no other, there she will learn the arts of seduction, secrets, murder and poison. All so that she can become a blade and get one step closer to murdering those who took her life away. However, Mia is like no other and even though the dark calls to her she is not afraid of it, she grows stronger with it. Along the way she also has to be able to separate her heart from the dangers of the academy, but that is not so easy when a pirate boy Tric is slowly stealing her heart.

This book is hard to read at times, it actually took me a long while to read it and not because it is bad or boring but at times the writing is dense and hard to follow. Kristoff builds a world of similes and metaphors that it can be a little hard to follow, specially with those footnotes, however when you get the hang of it and you start enjoying the story as it is it flies by as how amazing it is.

The plot itself is very unique. The Red Church is no Hogwarts indeed, but I love these kinds of books. Books where there's some sort of academy or competition, where they must fight to survive but here and there you start getting glimpses that something very dark is coming. The writing is perfect for the story that is being told, the narrator is also very unique. Kristoff's writing style is so consuming that at times you feel the narrator is speaking to you, that you are that main protagonist in the story.

The characters are wonderful, scary, and some a bit dark. Our main protagonist, Mia, is one of my favorite heroines ever and the reason? Because she isn't a heroine. She is not all powerful, she is not all dark, she is a simple girl with one goal in mind that truthfully is very fair and cares about the people around her no matter how darkin she actually is. The whole shadows thing and the Mr. Kindly is wonderful. Their bond, the conversations they had were so special to me. I felt as the characters in the book spoke to me.

As for the romance. I LOVED IT. It doesn't take away from the fast tempo of the book, or the revenge plot, it just adds to it. It allows us to see Mia for who she really is and the strong and dark front she puts up so people don't see who she really is. A girl with a dark past that still has a huge heart. Tric was wonderful, he was damaged and so beautiful. I loved the attraction they had and I loved how they were trying to stay away from each other but they couldn't. You would read between the lines and know all the feelings that were there. And that was the magic of the book, all that is said and what isn't said. The characters are so magically written as well as the plot that by the end of the story you know them personally.

“For a moment, she wasn’t Mia Corvere, daughter of a murdered house, parched with the thirst for revenge. Not a fledgling assassin or a servant of a goddess. Just a girl. And he a boy. Their eyes blind to all but each other. Aalea’s voice echoing in her ears.

If that ending (you know which one) is true, I swear I am dying too. I am just wishing that we can have a magical resurrection or something like that because I cannot believe that ending is the truth.

“The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their marks on us. I can see it in you, sure as I see it in me. You're a daughter of the words. A girl with a story to tell.”

--- 4 stars ---