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The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

“Never allow yourself to believe you should be silent.”

Oh how I missed this world, Samantha Shannon. I am currently in a dystopia/YA adventure sort of mood and all I want to read are rebellious books and stories that bleed through the pages. This is one of those. I am so sad that I can't simply reach for my library to get the fourth one, but hopefully it will come sooner than expected. As for this third installation, I must say it was beyond incredible. Our favorite characters are there, the thrilling plots are there, the different settings are all there, and most specially all those evil characters that make our main character suffer through it all.

After turning her back to Jaxon, and becoming Underqueen, Paige must save her population and the people of London from all incoming problems. From a new technology that might be able to discover voyants way easier, the Emite that are now appearing more because of the destruction of Sheol I and the growing rebellious under lords that are all looking to end Paige's reign, she must count on those she trusts the most to lead her people into success. However, that won't be easy.

This book was filled with many settings, which I loved. The story was very fast paced and thrilling. As you get to know Paige you kind of know how she is going to react or act to some challenges or stages in her life and I love that because Shannon does such a good job of describing her that the reader ends up knowing her completely.

“You can convince yourself that you are nothing like me. Tell yourself that you are the black to my white, the queen that stood on the right side of the board. But one day, you will be faced with a choice, as we all are. One day you will have to choose between your own desires, your own darkest impulses, and what you know to be right...and it will harden you. You will understand that all of us are devils in the skins of men. You will become the monster that lives inside us all.”

One of my favorite plot twists was Jaxon. His character development was incredible in this installment. In the first books we got the leader with a story to tell, we got Paige's hero yet abuser. In this one we see Jaxon for what he is and the kind of evil that runs beneath him. Yet we also get to see how for Paige he was the father figure that she never had and Shannon's portrayal of that was amazing.

Our poor Paige suffers greatly in this book and I found that so appealing to her character development. Through it all she comes out stronger, she makes mistakes, she is not perfect and that makes her an incredible heroine. She cares like no other which is another thing I really enjoy and she is also witty and funny. Reading her thoughts is entertaining, her character development paired off with Shannon's incredible plot and story development trust me you are set up for a wonderful ride throughout this story.

“Permission to disregard your orders, Underqueen." "Permission not granted. Permission categorically denied.”

Now, for our romance. I loved that this is one of the books that had the most romance in it, yet it never takes away from the main plot of Paige seeking justice or trying to save voyants. It adds to the story beautifully. However, my hopeless romantic in me desires a little more love in the next installment. I need more of Warden, I need him to stay being his beautiful stoic self but I still want to see a glimpse of his love for Paige. Even though you get to see glimpses of it in this one and oh those moments were perfect, I kind of wish I could have gotten a little more. At the same time, I love how Shannon is slowly building the love story and chemistry. This subplot is working magically because you read between the lines and know all the feelings are there through the stares and the simple gestures and all of that is achieved through Shannon's wonderful writing.

“Perhaps this is for the best,' Warden said. 'You already dwell too deep in shadows.' 'I would have gone into the shadows for you.”

All in all this book, again, was a masterpiece among its series. I genuinely recommend this book to anyone who like me is a junkie for action packed books / a little romance / world building and beautiful characters.

“A great wave washed at your feet and dark wings lifted you away.”

--- 5 stars ---