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If by Randi Cooley Wilson

"No matter how much pain it has caused, no matter how many tears have fallen, sometimes love isn’t meant to be, leaving the ifs to linger"

This story had so much freaking potential, it really did. The cover is enticing, the characters are broody and their lives seemed interesting enough. I love romances that end bad and then the couple sees each other years later only to be attacked by the memories and the "ifs" of what could have happened between them. Second chance stories are my life, yet this one didn't deliver as much as I expected it too.

If narrates the tragic love story between Emerson and Lincoln. Em, a goody two shoes, from a pretentious family falls head over heels over the brooding angry guy with an amazing sex appeal. Their story starts in college as they become entrapped in each other at first glance. There goes the first thing I didn't like, how consumed she was by him even at the beginning. I felt the story lacked depth. The characters too were not developed as much as they should or could have been. Another thing I didn't like was the repetition between the plot lines. Their fight is always the same, how they are not ready to commit and how he believes he is not good enough for her. The story started really good and then slowly it went a little down hill. He disappears for a while, then comes looking for her, she forgives and they make up, this whole plot line repeats itself so many times that by the last chapters you already know how it's going to end.

The characters are good, yet they could have been developed further. With Em's family troubles and Lincoln's shitty past this was a key element in the story that I wish could have gone further. It was mentioned here and there but too much emphasis was given on the "ifs" on their feelings for each other, and the not so sexy and appealing sex scenes. I also didn't love Em as a character, she was flimsy and a bit of an air head. I wanted more from her as a woman, not for her to just stand there and do nothing as Lincoln rocked her world. Lincoln on the other hand was more my cup of tea, he was an alpha male with a side of sweetness. He cared and showed it every once in a while, and I feel his plot line was more well developed than Em's ever was.

"It doesn’t matter if he breaks my heart . . . It doesn’t matter if it’s not meant to be . . . The ifs will always linger, but so will my love for him"

--- 3 stars ---