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The Trouble With Love by Claire Contreras

“I guess I see your point. It can be messy. Love can be brutal and leave you aching, but it’s also impossible to live without love, to grow without it. Don’t you think?"

The Trouble With Love is promoted as a forbidden office/brother's best friend romance yet it is so much more. Morgan is a hardworking, geek who desires to create the perfect dating app. Her goals are finally coming true as she lands her dream job in SEVEN, a company dedicated to creating apps and giving people the chance to realize their ideas. One thing Morgan wasn't expecting was discovering that his boss' son is actually that one fabulous one night stand she hasn't been able to forget.

Bennet is all that you could ask for in a main character. I enjoyed that he was actually the one trying to get her attention. Usually we have these alpha males in stories that are unable to declare their love and look for the girl, and we love that. Yet this story Bennet is actually super sweet. He has his commitment issues but with a reason and after he finally decides to give love a chance he does with his whole heart.

As for Morgan, I found her really interesting yet her personality was sometimes a bit childish for me. When she realizes that Bennet actually cheated on his wife with her (when they were already over) she goes crazy rather than hearing him out, and I don't agree that what he did was right but I feel she overacted. The whole "brother's best friend impossible romance" is really not present. I always love those stories, specially when they keep their relationship a secret or meet without the big bro knowing. However, this didn't seem to work for this story because they were already too old and mature for his older brother telling Morgan who to date.

"Let me replace all the bad memories you have of this place with good ones"

I did find the storyline with Morgan's mother and her whole life story really interesting and I loved how Bennet was always there trying to enter her life. I found it interesting that instead of the man having reservations it was actually her. The writing, like everything Contreras' does, is beautiful and easy to read. The plot flows smoothly. This is not my favorite story of hers, but I would still recommend it. One thing I would give one thousand stars is the banter and dialogue between the characters, I adore how Contreras magically weaves a dialogue together and it works so perfectly.

"When I press my lips against hers and feel her sigh against me, I’m sure this is the kind of happiness people spend their lives chasing."

--- 3.5 stars ---