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The Last Post by Renée Carlino

"Three, Two, One, See Ya"

Renée Carlino's writing will never disappoint. It will be always woven nicely, meshed together extremely well. However, The Last Post wasn't my favorite cup of tea. Maybe I expected a lot because of having read Before We Were Strangers. The writing is good don't get me wrong, my problem was with the characters and my inability to engage or connect with them.

The story is amazing though, the plot itself is filled with heartbreaking and heart mending. It narrates the story of Laya after she looses her husband Cameron in an accident. It's her rollercoaster of a story, dealing with his death, and her coping or trying to cope with it. At the same time, she meets Micah Evans. Total opposite of her late husband, he's kind and not a daredevil. The pair are clearly attracted to each other, however for Laya it is very hard to let her husband go. Therefore, they start this romance that doesn't really bloom into a romance until the very end.

The story makes sense and the plot thickens and smoothens as the book progresses. Yet, the lack of chemistry between the characters is what made me not enjoy this book as much as I should have. I really didn't fall in love with Micah, and I really wanted to. For me, he was kind of weird and came off too strong. From mostly semi-stalking Laya to being in love with her too quick, to pursuing her too much, made me feel like he was too intense. Laya was also not someone I enjoyed, her battle with grief was emotional and beautifully written yet since I couldn't connect with her for some reason I couldn't really feel for her. Micah's sister is also someone I couldn't stand. Their relationship seemed kind of forced, same went with Laya and Micah. I didn't feel the chemistry, not until the very end of the book is when I actually felt for them but the whole in between I was in a battle of emotions whether or not I liked them as a couple. The answer was still no, no matter how cute the ending was.

"It was in that moment I understood what falling for someone meant. It had nothing to do with sex, or wanting to feel good. I had already been there. Falling for someone is when you can’t look away. When you know you would never forget what a person looks like. You would never mistake her for someone else.’"

I won't give up on Carlino because I know one book that didn't connect with me personally makes her a bad author. I still love her writing, and I would still read the newspaper if she wrote it. This story just didn't captivate me as much of her other ones have.

--- 3.5 stars ---