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Dirty Headlines by L.J Shen

"I was a mortal playing with a deity, and now I was getting hurt, while he remained intact. There was nothing wrong with my heart. It was not lonely, and it was definitely not a hunter. It had been hunted. There was only one problem with the fact that my heart was so dreadfully, unexpectedly normal. Somewhere along the way, it had stopped being mine."

Dirty Headlines is another successful L. J Shen novel that has able to move me completely due to the compelling characters she is able to write about. An enemies to lovers story, a workplace love affair gone wrong, a successful billionaire that all he cares about is his job until he meets the girl from Brooklyn.

Celian Laurent and Judith "Jude" Humphry met one day in a bar gave each other fake last names and Judith did something she had to do but promised never to do. Had a one night stand and at the end of the night stole Celian's cash and wallet. As Jude's father slowly fell into cancer and her bills started to stack up she needed the money to make ends meet. After this night they never spoke again thinking they were never to see each other again, that is until Jude begins her new job at one of New York's most impressive newsrooms to discover Celian is no one other than her new boss.

Celian is a jerk, a broody man that blames himself for his sisters death, a man that believes he has the power of a God yet is succumbed from head to too when Jude is involved. His slow transition with her and yet him never changing his personality is a great sense of characterization that Shen uses. We see often how the author begins with a jerk and after they meet the girl all of this dissapears and instead there's Prince Charming to the rescue. Instead, Celian never really changes he just molds into something a little better without his personality and sense of being changing completely.

Our heroine is real, many times stupid for deciding to come back to Celian so easily but at the end of the day I feel that with how much she actually fell in love with him it is a depiction of how love can be blind and make people act stupid. The story involves a lot of family drama which I throughly enjoyed as well as a lot of sex scenes that even for me where at times too graphic.

Overall the story, the plot and the characters are amazing to read and have a little laugh in between the inside jokes and the funny remarks Shen adds to her writing. As well as adding tear jerking lines that make you sniff in the middle of whatever it is you're doing while reading this story.

--- 3.5 Stars ---