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Half Truths by Claire Contreras

"The heart never asked for permission, it just felt"

Secret societies, secrets and a hot romance? Count me in. Claire Contreras out does herself in this thrilling new fast paced romance novel set in a college town filled with mysteries and disappearing girls.

Our main character Amelia transfers universities after her brother and best friend, Lincoln has a car accident. Soon after she realizes that the town is filled with secrets and so was her brother and her family. It is up to her to discover who was Lana exactly? and why did she disappear all of a sudden? Most specifically why no one seems to be looking for her. As she soon discovers that girls disappearing have been a normal occurrence and it is up to her to figure out if the red and black coats are responsible.

The story is set with an eery tone and it is what drives the main thriller of the story. The plot is unlike any others. Mae, gets random texts and calls from unknown numbers accusing her brother of murder of the disappeared college student. Through her stay in this elite college she meets the Logan 'Fitz' Fitzgerald, the prestigious hockey star that everyone seems to be in love with. Everyone expect her, she doesn't want to deal with his moody behavior and his groupies that is until she starts seeing a side of him that no one does. The real Logan. Slowly they start falling in love, only to discover that Logan is part of a secret society the same one that has invited Mae to join. Her induction into the society means she has access to uncovering the secrets she was trying to find and her discovery is not pretty.

The story has a lot of subplots and different themes as she narrates discovering her father's betrayal, her love for Logan and her need to save her brother. The twists and turns the story has are undeniable good and the romance that Contreras' adds to the novel is rewarding. Logan, as a character is perfect, brooding and utterly romantic. Mae is strong, yet her upbringing is never denied which is something I enjoyed as most authors decide to add a preppy girl and not add any substance to her. Contreras' did the opposite, adding a rich girl who has been golden spoon fed all her life and show her transition of being spoiled and understanding the real meaning of life.

I totally recommend this amazing thriller to any of my followers, Contreras is definitely an author to watch out for.

--- 4 stars ---