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For Lila, Forever by Winter Renshaw

"Because what if in a weird sort of way we were always meant to be together. What if we’re meant to have this epic love story that would make it all worth it? If we let other people and the fear of the unknown keep us apart, we’ll never know."

An epic love story that transcends family, money, and time. For Lila Forever, is a beautiful story about second chances and starting over. Born and raised in different ways Lila and Thayer were not meant to fall in love, in all reality they were prohibited to do so. However, for every stolen glance every small moment they shared the knew that not falling in love was not in the cards for them.

For Thayer coming to his grandfather's island was the norm, a part of his life that was exciting yet nothing abnormal that was until Lila arrived with her beauty and captivated his heart. Ever since that moment they vowed to try their relationship out, having spent the summer of their lives Thayer had to go back to college as Lila stayed in the island helping her grandparents. However, Lila wasn't expecting to be pregnant with his child and thus the whole facade began as Lila disappears out of thin air. Years and years go by and the secrets start to spill between the family, soon Thayer returns to what was always his.

The story is great, very well told and the romance is really epic. However, I feel that many times the story goes so fast that we didn't really appreciate how epic their love story was. We learn Lila is pregnant and how everything occured in a matter of pages. Their love unfolds in a matter of hours, and we never see this connection occur we just read it through Renshaw's writing. The plot is great but I felt that if the secondary character's role were increased and if the story was better paced the whole story would have been extremely epic.

Nevertheless, the story is one that will leave you dreaming about boys that dedicate houses to you and islands that keep your secrets.

-- 3 stars --