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The King Maker by Kennedy Ryan

“The last warriors to surrender. And I am the girl who chases stars.”

The King Maker is a unique, passionate and raw story about second chances and fate. Our love birds meet time and time again to show the world soulmates really do exist. The King Maker is also very unique due to its main character being Native American. Lennix grew in a tribe and holds her ground for her heritage and what she stands for. Maxim is a privileged boy who grew up with a very strict father yet has the dream of changing the world through improving climate change.

The pros and cons of the story are endless. It really is a beautiful tale but many times I felt so lost. Many times I felt the our author was trying really hard to come across as unique and thus that's exactly what she created but at the same time she created characters I didn't fall in love with. We have two alpha's, Maxim being an alpha male wanting to demand and take from Lennix and we have Nix with all her passion and euphoria she wants to take over her one beliefs. The whole Native American backstory is clever but sometimes I felt lost because it wasn't something I understood and I feel it wasn't completely explained correctly. We felt more of her anger and her resentment towards people taking her land and therefore her past but at the same time I couldn't relate to her or her past.

The sex is a little too much for me, the dialogue and their mind set as they are being sexual to each other was at times too morbid for me and I actually skipped those parts in order for me not to cringe as I read what they would say to each other.

Overall, the story is well written although the characterization for me is not there. I have started reading book 2 because the cliff hanger is really good in book 1, and I swear I feel there has been no character growth at all and that upsets me a little bit.

--- 2 stars --