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The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green

"A princess, a traitor, a hunter and a thief. Four teenagers with the fate of the world in their hands. Four nations destined for conflict."

The Smoke Thieves is an adventure like no other told in different point of views through a variety of places in the same country. From demon worlds to monarchies and forbidden romances. The Smoke Thieves is compared to a younger and more suitable version of Game of Thrones. Although I see why the comparison is being made I am prepared to warn you that if you are looking for that kind of romance and that similar type of adventure and thrill this is not the book for you. Although the story is super interesting and I can't wait to read book two (which I hope is a little more fast paced and action filled) this story is too slow and at times boring because it would not get to the action.

The last chapters of the book are great, the action unfolds and you see the reason for all the wasted chapters and gruesomely slow unfolding of character stories. The story is divided in chapters and different points of view, these points of view however don't start getting mixed up with each other until the midpoint of the book. At this point the action is barely starting to get good.

In all honestly I would have been happy if the story would just have been told in Catherines' point of view and her story. Catherine is a princess betrothed to a prince he doesn't know. As he sets to marry him, she is also aware of her feelings for her guard. Yet, she is well aware that her purpose is to marry the prince that has been set out for her. As she comes close to her marriage day she discovers a coup and an attack on her new kingdom. She was the only character that I saw develop from one page to another. Although the love story is seemingly boring at times since nothing really happens apart from some hand kissing and bowing.

March and Edyon's story is cute yet it does not make much sense. March stands off wanting to betray Edyon, then around the middle of the book realizes he's intrigued by him yet knows he can't betray his past and then when Hollywell dies (the only real connection he has with the people of Abask) he realizes he really cannot betray Edyon because he also realizes he might like him.

As for Tash, her story is cute and her character is very funny. Her point of view I enjoyed while Edyon's made me uncomfortable because of how intense he was, March was too naive for my liking, and Catherine's point of view was also interesting. Ambrose was Catherine's guard and therefore "lover" yet he never tries to push past the boundaries which saddened me. I guess the story is what you can call mediocre and it doesn't reach more than okay expectations. I hope that the second book is able to escalate the problems and reach new heights of excitement.

--- 3 stars ---